Scelti dalla boutique


Fay was founded in the United States, specialising in the creation of jackets characterised by their four hook fastenings, inspired by American firefighter jackets. The beginning of the 80s saw the brand become part of the Italian luxury brand Tod’s S.p.A. and the dawn of its evolution. Its “double life” philosophy is reflected in its men, women and junior lines, which are sophisticated yet informal - perfect for both business and leisure. A brand that is synonymous with versatile and refined elegance: Fay is an expression of true Italian taste, combining quality, luxury and innovation. The journey around the brand’s Archives began in 2019, bringing together the true spirit of American workwear with innate Italian style. Fay Archive returns to Fay’s DNA, celebrating its origins and widening them to suit every possible type of adventure, from city life to the great outdoors. The result is a contemporary take on the glorious “Fay 4 Ganci”, adding new chapters to a story brimming with versatile clothes that can be worn forever, timeless icons, immune to passing seasons and fads.