Tread(ing) new paths

“Tread(ing) new paths” means going down new avenues and embracing a new way of thinking and looking to the future. For Autumn-Winter 2021/22, Hogan presents a Lifestyle Collection inspired by forms of travel that differ from what we are used to: local travel, unconventional travel and travel with a focus on sustainability. A collection that starts inside our homes with new forms of luxury and warm, enveloping materials; it ventures into nature with textured surfaces and plays of light and shade; it explores virtual worlds, enhanced by original contrasts that radiate colour. Welcome to Hogan’s future!

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Style, functionality and innovation converged in 1986 to create Hogan. The Brand’s core vision focuses on casual luxury, fit for every occasion, to produce a style suited to modern and contemporary life where quality and taste are truly appreciated. Hogan shoes and accessories have a modern and understated design for the perfect balance of versatility and elegance. Iconic pieces made from exceptionally high-quality materials, designed to stand the test of time.